By Good News Network

Moses Kamara has been a Manchester United fan for a quarter century. When he finally got the chance to fly 3,000 miles to see the English Football heroes play in person, a bomb scare threatened to crush his hopes.

“It’s my dream and I’ve been saving for a year,” the 40-year-old told CNN after the match was cancelled. “I was sad – I just cried.”

Moses is a security guard at the airport back home so he understands the decision to put safety first, even though he realized his goal would not be realized.

Or, so he thought. Manchester United fans heard about his plight and rallied to his side helping him stay in the UK.

They raised money to reschedule his airline ticket, gave him accommodations and food, and best of all, a fan donated a ticket to see the cup final at Wembley stadium. He even gets to see another match before the final, so will be enjoying two, instead of one.

(WATCH the delight as Moses tells his story to CNN)


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