By Juliet Spies-Gans

Athletes — sometimes deservedly — have the reputation of being ruthless competitors, willing to do anything it takes in order to win games. American tennis player Jack Sock, however, is doing his best to change that bad rap, one touching display of sportsmanship at a time.

In a match against hometown darling Lleyton Hewitt in Australia on Tuesday, Sock halted play between his opponent’s serves to give his adversary a friendly word of advice.

That was in if you want to challenge it,” he called across the court, referencing the previous serve, which was initially — but apparently incorrectly — ruled a fault.

While the crowd broke out in surprised laughter, then appreciative applause, neither Hewitt nor the ump could believe that Sock was quite literally just giving away a point:

Good for Sock — despite the fact that he went on to lose the match.




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