By Juliet Spies-Gans

It’s a cliché to say, but sometimes a game is truly bigger than a win or a loss. Sometimes sports are more about the people that play them than the records at hand, and sometimes the personal victories that come on the court are more important than the victories that the scoreboard dictates.

Such was the case in a Tennessee high school basketball game this week, when Franklin Road Academy team manager Robert Lewis swapped his typical whiteboard for a uniform, suiting up for his school’s Senior Night.

Lewis, who has Down syndrome, subbed into the contest late in the second half, setting up one of those oh-so-perfect sports moments: With just ticks left on the clock, he caught a pass in the right corner, and didn’t hesitate before letting the three fly.

His brother, who had been guarding him, was even able to celebrate alongside him after the buzzer. This kind of story reminds us how powerful sports can be.





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